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AJ's Reading Nook


My name is AJ. I’m an educator by day and an avid reader by night. That is, when my busy life doesn’t take precedence. I love being wisked away into another world, whether it be romance, young adult, adventure, suspense, or real life drama.

I enjoy the paranormal like non other and truly feel as though I may have been a vamp in another life. LOL! Hey, I’m anemic, they need blood, I need blood; therefore, I totally get where they’re coming from. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to be stuck in eternity with the sexy men from Interview With A Vampire, which I’ve seen on the big screen at least ten times. Well…maybe not with Tom because he’s fallen off his rocker these days. But hey, Brad and Antonio still have my attention. I’m also an avid fan of Alex O’Laughlin, especially when he was Mick in Moonlight. That was one of the best shows on television and I must admit that it just killed me when they canceled it. Well, not literally, but definitely figuratively speaking. What can I say? I’m a girl who loves me some vamps.

I’m really excited about AJ’s Reading Nook and I hope that you stop by from time to time and go on an adventure with me. You won’t be sorry!

With that said…

Welcome to AJ’s Reading Nook!

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